I can no longer walk, but I will learn how to fly.

- Willem Hooft

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“I can no longer walk, but I will learn how to fly.”

Bio Willem Hooft

Willem said this five years ago, after he ended up in a wheelchair due to a motorbike accident. He talks about the journey he makes to realize his biggest dream; Kitesurfing on the waves of the South African coast. But is that even possible, with paralyzed legs?

He regularly hears that his plans are not realistic. Kitesurfing is too difficult to learn and the risks too big for someone in a wheelchair. Furthermore, there are no suitable surf materials on the market. But Willem is determined:

“After my motorbike accident I had to let go of many things, but one thing I could not and did not want to accept; the thought of never being able to surf again. I decided to take on this challenge and make my dream come true.”

Today Willem is a professional kitesurfer within the international team of Slingshot Kite and is a team rider for Wind Voyager. He travels all over the world to kitesurf and inspire many to reach their maximum potential in life. “If you really want something, a lot is possible. Dare to dream, no wave is too high!”

Through his motivational talks Willem inspires others to look at change in a positive way. It is a personal story about achieving goals, chasing dreams and dealing with setbacks. A story that sticks with you.

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The book ‘Geen golf te hoog’ is currently only available in Dutch.

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Humberto TanTV-host
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“How do you go on when you can’t stand up anymore? How do you move ahead when you can’t walk anymore? Willem Hooft can’t stand up and can’t walk anymore and yet he made his long cherished dream come true. Impressive and inspiring story!”
Sharon DiekmanSales Manager
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“Within an hour, Willem made an unforgettable impression with his story. A powerful, positive and enthusiastic personality that touches people’s heart, and at the same time makes the audience laugh. Willem brings inspiration and energy, but above all stimulates people to think about how to deal with change. With his personal story, he is an inspiration that you will not forget.”
Erik ScherderProfessor Neuropsychology
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“Willem's positivity is contagious. I admire his resilience and perseverance which enabled him to make his dream come true. Beautiful story!”
Angela TimmerAssistant to board of directors
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“Sales, account managers and directors hang on every word Willem speaks. He tells his moving, hopeful, positive story in peace and brings you into the mindset of rethinking. He touched me with his tough, pure appearance. What a gift of life to have met Willem!”
Toon GerbrandsCEO PSV Eindhoven
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"A special man with an extraordinary story. His mindset and his personal route make him distinctive. You will learn that it does not matter what happens to you, but how you deal with it. Top-level sport exists more in daily life than we know.”
Scott BakkerPolice Rotterdam
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“Willem’s story is touching, powerful, sad, and incredibly beautiful at the same time. Willem speaks from his heart through which the message, dealing with change, sinks in deeply. The story fits well with our daily work as police officers. Willem, thank you so much for your courage, perseverance and your will to share. Everyone can learn a lot from you.”
Nancy ZwijnenbergSenior Key Account Manager
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“I am still deeply impressed by Willem's story. Not a sad story, even though I had tears in my eyes. A story about perseverance, creating opportunities for yourself, rethinking, passion, sport and following your dream no matter what. Great speaker for different occasions!”

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